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44 Front Street, Bath, Maine 04530

(207) 443-3411

Printing services to promote, market, mail

Printing services to promote, market, mail

Printing services to promote, market, mailPrinting services to promote, market, mail

Meet Us

We are two individuals passionate about collaborating and creating with a personal approach to giving great value and going the extra mile.

With a leap of faith and self-belief, we bought Bath Printing Co. in search of a more balanced, wholesome life, having moved out of the corporate world. Our business means the world to us. We have a vested interest in creating great work for you.

Destiny calling

We listened to our entrepreneurial spirit and put our eclectic mix of skills and experience (we have been involved the world of arts, business, music, film and TV as well as turbo chargers!) into growing Bath Printing company.

We come to work every day to enjoy what we do. We are grounded to real world experience and relevant to industry needs, trends and practices. We believe in having fun while doing what we love. 

We like to talk shop.

The real bosses

Bear with us as we juggle our lives so that everyone is (mostly) happy. The kids need collecting and the dog needs his walks. We may have to cut short a conversation or reschedule a meeting from time to time!

Personal service is what grows our business. 

We like to think that we offer the service and quality that is not often found in a fast paced and increasingly online world.